Chase's First Birthday

I am SO behind on blogging, but it's been such a busy Spring with being pregnant, Ava starting school, buying our first house and all the shoots in between. I will catch up after our move, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this adorable first birthday. 

The last time I saw Chase he was just learning to sit up so it was so nice to see him again taking steps and being so interactive. I thought his party's theme was so cute and perfect for a little boy and the bubble lady was so entertaining and fun for the kids! 


To celebrate all the mamas, I will be having mini sessions just in time for Mother's Day! Capture the bond between a mother and her children on April 23rd or 24th. 


Mini sessions include: 20 minutes of shooting, 10 hi-resolution images for $100. Both sessions will be located in the Fremont area. 

Saturday, April 23rd will be held in the early evening outdoors and Sunday's session will be be an intimate, indoor setting in the morning similar to the photo below. 

Perfect for mothers with young children/babies and expecting mothers. 

To reserve a spot, email 

Family Portraits - Melissa, Chris and Mason, Castro Valley Photographer

I didn't know Melissa prior to this shoot, but it turns out we live very close to each other and have a ton of mutual friends! I love when that happens. 

This family was so easy to work with because they never complained even though it was super cold and wet out. We also shot on an incline and they were totally cool about hiking up and down and through the trees. 

Melissa and Chris are getting married this year in Hawaii, so we snuck in a couple photos of the two of them. 

Family Portraits - Leach/Cardella Family, Livermore Photographer

This was one of my favorite sessions because this entire family means so much to my family! My husband grew up with them and Justin is our first daughter's godfather so obviously we love these guys. They have also been such big supporters of my business and I am so grateful for that. 

I always get nervous shooting friends, but it was the most fun I've had on a shoot. When you have 6 adults trying to make a baby smile for a picture, there's going to be a lot of laughs. 

Family Portraits - The Patel Family, Livermore Photographer

Eli did not like me. He hid and cried when I would point my camera at him and he wanted absolutely nothing to do me. I totally get it, so I had to be a creeper hiding behind bushes sometimes so he wouldn't notice me. Most of this session was totally candid. It was Eli playing with his trucks and running around with his parents, yet we still managed to get smiling shots of him looking at me. Kush and Lan were super patient with him (and me!) and I can tell how great of parents they must be. 

Family Portraits - Lee Family, Livermore Photographer

Kayla was the easiest toddler I've ever worked with. Toddlers are never easy, but she was an exception. All she needed were treats and she was happy to smile, look at the camera and didn't ask to leave once.

I was able to squeeze the Lee Family in at the last minute so they drove all the way from San Francisco to meet me in Livermore. They were seriously so easy to work with leading up to our session and even easier to shoot. They are so down to earth and I loved talking to them about parenthood, living in the city and just life in general.

Family and Maternity Portraits - Burns Family, Livermore Photographer

Tawny and I went to high school together, but it wasn't until a few years ago that we became friends. She was set up as our realtor and our families have been close since. Our daughters are the same age and it has been so awesome to see them grow up together since they were just learning to sit up. 

This family is about to welcome another baby in a couple months so this session was a combo of family portraits and a maternity shoot. If it wasn't for her belly, I wouldn't guess she was pregnant. Who looks that great in their third trimester and has the energy to spin their 3 year old around and walk all over the park in heels? Not me. 

Mini Sessions

I never got around to blogging mini sessions, but here are a few. Some families requested to be temporarily left off the blog until their holiday cards went out (we have mutual friends) and that is totally understandable. I had such a great time getting to know each family and I'm super grateful for them and taking a chance on me for my first mini sessions ever. 

Family Portraits - The Suarez Family and Mylee's Senior Portraits, Fremont Photographer

Melissa and I have a few things in common, but my favorite is our obsession with the show, One Tree Hill. She's really the only other person besides my husband who I could cry with about it being over so I was excited to see her and meet her kids. I loved how the they were running around the whole time playing during this shoot and it gave me a glimpse at what it's like to have four kids. It was crazy in an awesome way, eventful and silly and it made me want a big family even more. This session was a family shoot and senior pictures rolled into one. I got to spend alone time with Mylee and learned that she is not only a cheerleader, but class President and has applied to some great colleges. I'm sure her parents are so proud of her and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her. 

Maternity - Eileen

Eileen makes pregnancy look so good with her maternity style and glow!  She wanted really simple photos for her son's nursery and requested them to be at home. I love how intimate and timeless these are and they are such a great gift to give Baby Lennox. I think maternity photos are so special because they capture this exciting time in a mother's life that your baby will one day appreciate having.